•CENG 112
Data Structures(PDF)

•CENG 113
Basic Programming(PDF)

•CENG 115
Discrete Structures(PDF)

•CENG 214
Logic Design(PDF)

•CENG 313
Operating Systems(PDF)

•CENG 412
Information Security

•CENG 441
Parallel Programming(PDF)

•CENG 442
Multicore Architectures and Operating Systems(PDF)

•CENG 412
Algorithm Analysis and Design(PDF)

•CENG 471
Cryptography (PDF)

•CENG 514
Computational Number Theory (Graduate Level)(PDF)

•CENG 561
Advanced Information Security (Graduate Level)(PDF)

•CENG 661
Asymmetrical Cryptosystems (Graduate Level)(PDF)

•CENG 611
Advanced Algorithm Analysis and Design (Graduate Level) (PDF)

•CENG 612
Category Theory in Computer Science (Graduate Level)(PDF)